Our Story


The year was 2020

A World-wide one of a kind

The decade we have been looking for

At least since Barbara Walters Show

No surprise that it arrived

The shock is what it gave and took


Tragedies, PTSD, Coronavirus Pandemic and Pandemonium, 

Anxiety and Depression

No time for Grieving

Psychologists and Psychiatrists are the new Rock Stars

Massive loss of jobs, 

Closing of churches and houses of worship

Schools Spring Break Week became school year

Told to pack your stuff and get out of here

Parents became the teachers they thought they knew

Now have respect and gratitude


Every Lifetime Celebration

Cancelled, postponed, or downsized

Quarantining forced inside

Hospital patients in isolation 

Masking up 365

At least some of us

No need to wait for Halloween

Washing hands again and again

Social distancing

Virtual events, meetings, and conversations

Online learning

Remote working

Businesses out of business with little notice and no recourse

Photojournalists can’t take pictures fast enough

Breaking News Everywhere

Talk of the Town hard to keep up 

Summer arrived hot and quick

Then police brutality sharp uptick 

We cannot breathe.

Marches begin in solidarity.

Lifelong Civil Rights Leaders

Resting in Peace

Yes, we are the world and this

Has been our shared experience.


But, if the truth be told,

We have all had years 

That we personally never forget

That change our lives 

And touch our hearts and souls.

Reasons that

Only God knows.

We do our best

To move forward

But know that it is only with His Help

We can.

So, the day after Mother’s Day 2020,

One of my nephews gifted me with some flowers,

As a surprise.

Delivered by my Sister-in-law,

Which was another surprise.

My son had gifted me Saturday Night Live’s

Boys II Men & Babyface Tribute to Mothers

A Song for Mama

My virtual present from him on Mother’s Day

Already had me feeling overjoyed.


My heart now was so full,

I began to cry tears of joy.

As my nephew and his mother left to go to the store

With my back turned to them, I extended my arms and hollered out

I am so happy, I don’t know what to do!

When they returned, they responded that they heard me

And they both said, “Just be happy.”


When you have had a lot of sadness

That is easier said than done.

But this time was different.

It resonated with me in a way that is unexplainable.

I got a GOD Idea.


I went to my nephew and told him to draw something

That could illustrate, “Just be happy.”

He said, “Okay.”


About five minutes later, 

I came back to him and told him,

I got it, I got it, I got it!


Our Just Bee Happy Logo

Is what God gave me.

I described it to my nephew

And he drew it as I directed

And as God had given it to me.

And really the rest is history.


Our message is 

No matter what has happened

Hang on

A brighter day is coming.

Just be happy 


Each day

Because tomorrow is not promised.


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